Reunion Fundraising

Reunion fundraising will be planned, coordinated, and performed by SPS Development staff members in conjunction with Form Agents and other Form volunteers.

Reunion fundraising includes every five year reunion. The purpose of reunion fundraising is to encourage gifts from every Formmate to the School’s Annual Fund, as well as secure additional capital commitments from a segment of Formmates to support the School’s capital needs.

The School recognizes two gift totals in any Form’s reunion year, the Reunion Annual Fund Gift and the Reunion Total Gift.

  • The Reunion Annual Fund Gift includes the Form’s cash gifts to the School’s Annual Fund in the year of the reunion.
  • The Reunion Total Gift includes all gifts and pledges during the reunion year and in the four years prior to the Anniversary (planned gifts will be credited based on our established crediting policies). A gift may only be counted in one Reunion Total Gift.

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